Happy 5th Anniversary, Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star!

For the 157 680 000 seconds of Passion, 2 628 000 minutes of Determination, 43 800 hours of Strength, 1825 days of Togetherness… For the 5 years of your lives you have dedicated to UKISS, THANK YOU! 

It was definitely not an easy journey and I was not there when you began. I met you halfway. But I am always proud of you. You have definitely grown. The you in 2008 is not the same as the you of 2013 but then, your passion, strength, determination and love for your fans never waver and I’m happy to know that. I do not know personally of your hardships or joys. I can only assume. For the moments you have to pretend to be okay for us, for the times you cried alone, for the joys you wanted to celebrate but can’t, sorry and thank you for all your sacrifices. 

We have a lot of things to apologize to all of you and thousands, millions of things to say thank you for. 

It broke my heart to know that you think you are lacking. No. You were never lacking. You have worked so hard. Countless sleepless nights, hours and hours of practice, sickness you’ve endured, experiences you have to give up, and loneliness and homesickness you tried so hard to fight. You gave so much for your dreams and for the people who believe in you. 

That’s why no matter what happens, I will always be by your side. You will always be my NUMBER ONE Oppas. 

Xander~Oppa, thank you for always smiling and being positive. 

Ki Bum~Oppa, thank you for working hard and not giving up on your dreams.

SooHyun~Oppa, thank you for giving it your all and being a great leader to UKISS.

KiSeop~Oppa, thank you for being strong and enduring it all.

Eli~Oppa, thank you for making your dreams into reality.

Jaeseop~Oppa, thank you for sharing your talent and smarts.

Hoon~Oppa, thank you for singing with all your heart and practicing so hard.

Kevin~Oppa, thank you for the angelic voice and beautiful smiles.

DongHo, thank you for the sacrifices and the pains you endured.

I will be counting more days with you, right? So, Oppas, thank you for the great five years. I will forever be thankful for your existence. 

To my GREAT UKISS, continue making memories together, continue giving it your all for your dreams, continue moving towards your goals, continue smiling and laughing… you can also cry and let your tears to fall, continue being you and continue singing, dancing and performing together. Let’s keep going, Oppas :)

HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY, my boys. ♥ #UKISS5thAnniversary

Till eternity. 

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